We build niche communities.

We are a start-up media company dedicated to building passionate niche communities about the things we love.

Our Projects

We hand-pick projects to build that we are genuinely passionate about. We work with journalists and professional creators to build content brands that last.

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Retro Dodo

RetroDodo.com is the world’s leading retro gaming website with over 2M+ monthly visitors and 450,000 followers.

Card Gamer

Card Gamer is a brand dedicated to entertaining and educating card gaming enthusiasts.

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Readers A Month

We create premium, enjoyable written content that our community loves reading, and more importantly trusts, what they are reading.


YouTube Subscribers

We pride ourselves on creating YouTube channels that educate, entertain and engage, enticing viewers to join the community and share with their friends.



With just two brands in our current portfolio it means we can focus on owning our niche and building engaging communities about the things we love.

Follow our journey.

Our founder Brandon Saltalamacchia documents his journey building Click Hill on YouTube. Here you will see behind the scenes, what difficulties arise, and how one man is succeeding to build a niche empire from nothing but passion.

Our goal with this channel is to motivate and inspire upcoming entrepreneurs and like minded creatives. It isn’t glamorous, nor is it easy, but it’s an honest insight into how to build a start-up media company with zero budget and zero investment.

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Click Hill Ltd, Corsham, United Kingdom
Company No: 13923009


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